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Obamacare: “Obviously Inadmissible”

Written on:March 4, 2014

How states can fight back against Obamacare

Written on:July 27, 2012

The Market Does Not Ration Health Care

Written on:July 15, 2012
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The Ballot Box Is Not the Only Way to Stop Obamacare

Written on:July 10, 2012
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Oklahoma First State to Nullify Obamacare?

Written on:July 5, 2012

States Resist Obamacare

Written on:July 5, 2012

Obamacare Is Going Down

Written on:August 19, 2011

An ObamaCare Legal Precedent?

Written on:June 28, 2011

Massive State-Level Revolt Brewing Against Obamacare

Written on:August 11, 2010

New Hamsphire Bill reaffirms State Sovereignty vs Socialized Medicine

Written on:January 26, 2010