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Right now, your donations support TenthAmendmentNH.org outreach activities including the development of this website, establishing liaison with expert contributing authors and partnering with liberty-oriented organizations within New Hampshire.

For instance, your generous support will allow us to print and distribute literature that will educate New Hampshire citizens on three upcoming legislative actions, designed to reinforce individual liberty in the Live Free or Die state:

  • Tenth Amendment Protections.  Establishing a joint committee on the constitutionality of acts, orders, laws, statutes, regulations, and rules of the government of the United States of America in order to protect state and individual citizen sovereignty in the State of New Hampshire.
  • Parental Bill of Rights –  Providing that the state shall not abridge the responsibility of parents for the health, education, and welfare of their children.
  • Oath of Office. Relative to the crime of official oppression.

We will post text of these and other bills as they become available, as well as expert commentary on their impact on the free citizens of New Hampshire.

We also publish the 1784 version of the New Hampshire Constitution, together with the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution for distribution to New Hampshire legislators and citizens of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Secretary of State only prints the number of copies sufficient to distribute to fourth graders in the state.

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It is important to note that TenthAmendmentNH is a non-partisan, liberty-oriented organization focused on educating citizens of New Hampshire on the Constitutions that created the free state of New Hampshire and the free country in which we live and prosper.

Thank you for your support!


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